Camilla Floros

AD00002Born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Camilla is a marine biologist based at the Oceanographic Research Institute in Durban. Her desire to become a marine biologist was initiated at a very young age on a small Mozambican island where she witnessed the successive decline of the surrounding coral reefs due to over exploitation and the lack of conservation awareness. After numerous years of study, Camilla achieved her goal by attaining a PhD in marine biology. Her research interests are dedicated to assessing the impacts of human activities on coral reef communities and providing reef managers with improved conservation strategies.

Camilla has been an avid underwater photographer since she started diving and her photography has evolved to become an integral part of her profession as a marine researcher. She has dived extensively throughout the East, documenting the way in which different cultures interact with marine habitats. Camilla has also focused much of her attention on South Africa’s coral reefs which are unique because of their high biodiversity and status as one of the southern-most reefs in the world. Camilla uses her underwater images as a communication medium to bridge the gap between scientific research and public awareness. Her purpose is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about coral reefs (and other marine ecosystems) and the many stressors that threaten their future.

You can read more about Camilla’s research and see her images on her webpage

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