About Us

African Diver is an online diving community website focused on all types of diving in Africa. Launched in October 2008 the website features scuba diving destinations, marine environmental issues and marine conservation initiatives in Africa. Packed with images that have impact and supplemented with content that is relevant and informative, African Diver is a must-read for any diver or environmentalist with an interest in the marine environment in Africa.

Our website is the source of breaking news, events and reports from our editorial team and is updated regularly. We are constantly working on adding features to our website, for instance a gallery of images by our featured photographers, as well as videos by divers of their underwater exploits.

While our website and magazine activities are located in South Africa, our views  come from all over the world – our market is the world-wide diving community with an interest in Africa.

We welcome contributions, inquiries and feedback. Please contact us at Contact Us Page to give us feedback, positive or negative …

Our hope for African Diver is that it is relevant, thought-provoking and positive. We celebrate everything that African diving has to offer and we want you to, as well.

Spread the word, dive the seas and may your bubbles always be free.

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