Marine conservation

We believe strongly in sustainable conservation and utilisation of the marine environment. Through our website we write about conservation stories and news. We also work with communities to conserve our marine environment.  Here are some of the conservation organisations we work with and support.



Sharklife is a registered non-profit organisation and addresses the alarming exploitation of shark populations and ocean fisheries in South African waters. Sharklife actively engages the urgent need for research and protection of many marine species. Sharklife’s objective is to bring about positive change in the current destructive trends of ocean exploitation through scientific research, education and awareness .

Their current aims are:

  1. To develop a compassionate desire to conserve sharks by altering public misconceptions about sharks and replacing the “Jaws” syndrome with positive understanding and respect.
  2. Reduce anthropogenic threats to over exploited marine species by increasing awareness and encouraging sustainable seafood choices.
  3. Increase marine tourism and transform shark populations into a sustainable living resource by developing educational ocean experiences for all South African’s

Eyes on the horizon

Eyes on the Horizon is a non-governmental and non-profit association. Formed as a platform with the mission of creating a network between people who spend their days on the ocean, the Mozambican government, the media, operators, stakeholders and all parts of the private sector. The goal of Eyes of the Horizon is to collect and spread information about what is illegally happening in and around the Mozambican coast line and on the beautiful Mozambican waters.

To create pressure through words and start action is their aim. Eyes on the Horizon has been formed to “crowdsource” conservation: you report what’s going on along the coast, and they can pass it on to the government authorities tasked with protecting Mozambique’s amazing marine environment. You can help by sending updates or photos (in complete anonymity if desired) by mailing them here.

The black fish

The Black Fish is a young marine conservation organisation that works on an international level to campaign for the protection of Europe’s marine environment. It involves ordinary people in its work, most of them volunteers who realize the organisation’s investigative and public action campaigns. The Black Fish works to build wide public support in order to take effective action to combat overfishing and halt illegal fishing.




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