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Introducing Pure Apnea - a new freediving kid on the block

Pure Apnea

Pure Apnea is a fresh, new freediving organisation founded by skilled freediving instructors in 2012. Pure Apnea ratifies freediving records set under its own rules and regulations and offers a progressive freediving education system focused on high standards rather than student turnover.

As the term "Pure" signifies, the organisation is solely focused on freediving and its members are passionate about the sport. You won't find instructors who dabble in freediving teaching Pure Apnea courses.

Although Pure Apnea is a commercial entity, it is focused on the development of freediving rather than profit. The system has been structured to minimise costs to instructors and these savings can in turn be passed on to students allowing greater access to the sport. The organisation’s commercial nature also allows it to avoid the structural and political problems that have severely hampered the other non-profit freediving organisations.

Pure Apnea’s education system is designed to guide students through all the phases of learning from complete beginner to master freediver. The teaching materials used are progressive, well designed and incorporate the latest developments in the sport. Should a student wish to become a freediving professional, Pure Apnea offers both an instructor and master instructor course. The latter has the toughest qualification requirement amongst all the freediving organisations; a 60 meter freedive! This ensures that students get instructors who can do what they teach.

For those with a competitive spirit and a drive to be the best at what they love, Pure Apnea provides the infrastructure to organise and run sanctioned freediving competitions throughout the world. Making competitions accessible and affordable to all freedivers is vital for the growth of the sport.

At the heart of Pure Apnea is a team of professionals with the desire to help others leave the world of air behind and safely explore the breath-taking world below the waves.

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