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New product - the Quikpod

The QuikPod is a must-have camera accessory for all scuba divers as it will allow you to capture your own scuba diving experiences without the help of a cameraman. Simply attach your waterproof camera (attached by the standard tripod adapter) to the end of the QuikPod, go for your dive and extend your QuikPod to capture you and your underwater adventures. QuikPod is 100% waterproof allowing your dive to be worry-free.

The QuikPod benefits from your camera’s self-timer to capture the best moments without the help of a stranger, camera man or an object. It can carry up to 2 kgs (4.4 lbs) as a handheld monopod  and with ground support, up to 3.5 kgs (7.7 lbs). The QuikPod extends up to 135 cms (53 inches) allowing your picture to be as detailed as possible. It also has a built in mirror for self-positioning and a quick release camera mount.


Invented by Wayne Fromm, the Quikpod is the perfect camera accessory for everyone. 

There are 6 different models of the QuikPod and each model has an attachment that can fit all camera devices with a standard tripod adapter (digital Cameras, DSLR, camcorders) and there are extra attachments for Go Pro, Helmet Cameras, and Smart Phones.

The patented technology recently aired on Dragons’ Den, and after a battle between all 5 dragons, Fromm accepted the deal with Arelene Dickinson. Here is a link to the Dragons' Den episode showcasing the QuikPod

Justin Bieber used the QuikPod technology in the filming of his latest music video, Beauty And A Beat.

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