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Dolphin therapy and swimming with dolphins

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50|50 is a South African based television show that celebrates our natural heritage, with a particular emphasis being placed on wildlife and conservation. 50|50 has broadcast on South African television for over 29 years and has garnerded several international awards. It is the best locally produced environmental program, and the longest running of its kind in the world.

On Monday, 24th December 2012 (Christmas Eve) at 7:30pm (South African time) 50|50 will broadcast a 12 minute insert on swimming with dolphins and a look into dolphin-assisted therapy. The insert will be presented by Bonné de Bod and will feature Angie Gullan, Anna Breytenbach and Charissa Bloomberg.

Also in the same program is a "Deep Dive" insert by Lesley Rochat, so we are in for an underwater bonus on Christmas Eve.

For our international followers, check out the 50|50 website where archives of selected inserts are listed. 

The dolphins insert is produced by Gordon Hiles of Seacam films while the Deep Dive one is produced by Lesley Rochat. 


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