Anthony Grote

For me photography has always been about capturing that special shot that stands out from the rest. The challenge in the beginning was always more special as there were fewer people doing it, especially when we consider underwater photography. With the advent of digital camera, and not only that, but the rapid advance in this technology, giving access to more and more people, the challenge had to be shifted somewhat, and for me that has involved taking the available technology and playing.

I started out photographing birds and wildlife while working on game farms in the Lowveld, until I was shown someone’s underwater portfolio of their trip to the Red Sea. From that day I was hooked! It took me 5 years to be able to afford my first underwater system, always erring on the housed system as to the Nikonos. My first trip to the Red Sea was straight after getting my first housing and needless to say it was fraught with problems (hence I am desperate to return there someday). Since then, I was lucky enough to spend 2 years working in the Cayman Islands as an underwater photography/videographer. I then returned to SA and started freelancing as a sport/wildlife/architectural photographer, with a passion for underwater and panoramas. As mentioned before, I like playing with technology, creating images using time-lapse technology, 360° imagery and virtual tours and long exposure starscapes are just some examples.

My highlights have been being published in National Geographic magazine in Poland, being involved in a National Geographic production called the ‘Real Serengeti’, where I sent 6 weeks filming the Migrations in the Serengeti, also being published in magazines in the South Africa, UK, USA and New Zealand. I have been fortunate enough to also win a number of Underwater Photo competitions including the Sodwana Shootout (in both the photo and video categories), Pix Magazine Annual Photo Awards, Sony Winter Shootout, and third place in the NCUPS Underwater Photo Competition and High Commended in the ‘Celebrate the Sea’ Underwater Photo Competition.

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